Main Menu

Main Menu
Consider this your control panel.  This is what you will see when you run Amsoft.  From here you can choose where you want to go.  In most cases you will choose Clients.
This will take you to a screen that shows a list of all clients.
Browse Clients  go there


1. File
File Menu Clicking on file gives you access to other areas of Amsoft.  Some of these are Printer setup, Print screen, options, file maintenance, Batch, Import/export, Create Pdf, Appointments & schedules , Agency information, Company information, Managing Agent, Lienholder, and others for more information go there.


2. Clients
This takes you to client browse.   This is where you will normally start.  It will allow you to add, change, and delete clients.


3. Reports
This will take you to the reports section.     From there you will be able to produce production, accounting,Mailing Labels, Prospecting, Expirations and other  reports.
Reports  go there

Check book

4. Check book
This will take you to the checkbook.  Here you will be able to enter checks & deposits.  You can balance to your bank statement.  You can produce reports such as deposit & check registers, income statement, general ledger and a overview statement.
You will do all the client accounting in the client section- premium screen.
The checkbook is an option to Amsoft


5. Tutorials
This will take you to our webiste, where you can view tutorials on different parts of amsoft.  Go there


6. Edit
This allows for copy and paste


7. Prospects
This takes you to the prospect section.  Here you can enter prospect information.  You can move data from the client screen to the prospecting screen.  You can also move data from the prospect section to the client section.


8. Forms
This will take you to the ACORD form section.  You will be able to see forms for all insureds.  You can also, get to the ACORD forms from the Browse clients. 

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