Multiple records

Lets's take a moment and discuss how to add another policy for the same insured.  When adding another policy for the same insured, you do not want to reenter all the information, so we have added a short cut.  While in the client browse box, which is where you should be now, place the bar cursor on the client you just entered.  There should only be one policy on this screen  now, but as we add more clients you will be able to move this bar up & down with your arrow keys.
You will notice at the bottom of the client browse box a copy button.  Place the bar cursor on the record just added or the record you wish to duplicate.  Click on the button.
You will now see all the information you have added displayed on the screen.  You will note that at the top of the screen is displayed 'Adding Record'.  The first thing you must do is change the account number - each policy must have an unique account  number.  You may change it simply by adding letters or numbers to the end.  Since already displayed is ROBERJO, simply add -1 to the account number and press tab.  If you do not change the account number you will get an error message at the top of the screen 'Creates Duplicate'.  You may simply go down the screen & change any data that might need to be changed.  For example, the name & address should be ok, but  you may need to change the company & coverages.  Please note that this copy process has copied only the first screen.  You will need to enter the new premium history information.  When you are done entering all new information click on Ok to save this new file.  You will be returned to the client browse box  with two policies for this insured listed.
To add more clients simply click on Insert and you will be returned to the Client Update Screen.  If you wish to exit this screen click on Close and you will be returned to the main menu.

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