Forms used in Amsoft

Optional-Forms used with Amsoft
All of the reports in Amsoft for Windows can be printed on plain paper. However, as an option some reports use preprinted forms. The purpose of the preprinted forms is to allow your correspondence with the insured to be more professional.
The following preprinted forms may be used in Amsoft.
Letter head used as an option for the Word Processor.
Pre-printed Form used for Memos, Invoices and Renewal Letters. To use this option of Amsoft, Click on 'File' from the main menu, and choose 'Options'. Check on the box that says 'Print Invoices, Memos, etc.. on Pre-printed Form'. This will reformat the reports to print correctly on the form. To turn the option off, uncheck the box.
Form Description Product # Keycode
Pre-printed Form 080432 R02686
Checks - Dot Matrix 091004 R02686
Checks - Laser Jet 081004 R02686
Mailing Labels 91819 R02686
All the above forms may be ordered with their own double window envelope showing your return address & the clients address.
Invoices, Renewal Letters, Memos, Dot Matrix Checks and other letters printed in Amsoft on
plain paper can use a double window envelope. Product # 091501 Keycode R02686.
The Pre-printed forms use a double envelope - Product # 91551 Keycode R02686
Laser Checks use a double envelope - Product # 091500 Keycode R02686
While we have listed one letter head any of the letter heads in the enclosed Deluxe Catalog will work.
To order:
Online - go there
By Mail - Fill out the order form in the middle of the deluxe catalog. Your keycode is R02686.
By phone - Call 1-800-328-0304

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