Update Add images

Update Add images
If the start scan as soon as record is saved is checked.  Then clicking OK will save the record

Path Button

1. Path Button
Us this button to find the path you want to scan the images to.  You only need to do this once.  You can save the path by clicking on Set path as default.


2. Date
If you need to change the date use this button.

Image path

3. Image path
There must be a image path.  You can find a path by clicking on the path button.  You must create a folder on the computer you plan to scan to.  For example on the server you might create a folder called images 08.  Under this folder you might create 12 more folders one for every month.  You would use the path button to find the folder.  You would then click on the Set path as default button. 


4. Description
Enter the description of the images or use the description button to import the wording.

Change account

5. Change account
Use this button to assign the image to a different client.

OK button

6. OK button
<TODO> Insert description text here... And don't forget to add keyword for this topic


7. Scanner
This shows which scanner profile will be used.

Archive option

8. Archive option
Setting to yes will move the image to the archive tab.  Inotherwords you will not see the image in the first list of images.  You will need to clicking on the archived tab to see it.  This is normally set to No.

Start scan

9. Start scan
This is normally set to yes.  It will aloow the scan to start as soon as the record is saved.

Set Path

10. Set Path
Use this button to set the current path as the default path.


11. Path
This will show when there is not a valid path to scan to.

Change scanner

12. Change scanner
Use this button to change the default scanner.  You would do this when the default is currently set to black & white and you need a color profile.

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