Application - [Listing of letters] window

Application - [Listing of letters] window
The first time you enter this screen, you will need to install the word processing drivers and the spell check drivers. To do this, click on 'Install Drivers' from the top menu. First choose 'Word Processing Drivers' and follow the on-screen instructions. When you are returned to this screen, again click on 'Install Drivers' and choose 'Spell Check Drivers' and follow the on-screen instructions. Once these installations are finished, your word processor will be ready to use.
To write a document for this client, click on the 'Inset' button at the bottom left of the screen. This will bring up a box to insert a description of the document.


Use these tabs to show current, archived or all documents.

Word processing Drivers

2. Word processing DriversClick here to install wordprocessing drivers & spell check drivers.

Insert a new document

3. Insert a new document
This allows you to enter a document description before entering the actual document

Change button

4. Change button
Allows you to change the document description

Change View Document button

5. Change View Document button
This will allow you to change or view the document.

Salutation button

6. Salutation button
This will allow you to add a salutation -  Mr Mrs, to this client.

Mass Mailings

7. Mass MailingsUse this for mass mailings.

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