Word processing screen

Word processing screen
To complete the document, simply type your letter in the white area of the screen. You can use the menu options to format your document. If you wish to insert client information, you can click on the field box down arrow , choose a field to insert, and click on the arrow button to the far right that says 'smith'.  This will enter the clients information directly into the document.
Once the document has been completed, you can print it by going to 'File' and 'Print'. Click on the save and exit button to save the document to this client's file.

Save document

1. Save documentUse this to save the document

Insert merge token

2. Insert merge token
Place your cursor in the document where you want the data.  Click on the down arrow to choose the field you wish to use.

Fill token

3. Fill token
Use this to fill the merged token with the data from the client screen.
Merge Client Information into a Form Letter Template
To create a document from a template for an insured, first, open the client's word processing browse box as described above. Then, insert a new document, and give it the desired description. You will then need to open the appropriate template. To do this, click on 'File' and 'Open'. Find the folder that the template was saved in. Then find the file, and open it. You will see the template displayed in the word processor with the field tags in place.
To merge the clien't data into the form letter, click on the arrow button with 'smith' on it . This will replace the field tags with the client's information.
You can print the document by clicking on 'File' and choosing 'Print'.
Click on the save and exit button when you have finished.

Paste token

4. Paste token
This control will paste the chosen field token into the document.

Merge token

5. Merge tokenThis is what a merged token for the insured looks like.

Save && suspense

6. Save && suspense
This will allow you to save the document & suspense it in memos & suspense.

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