To integrate FSC rating information into Amsoft, you must first set FSC to save rates in '\hcs\import\fsc' (The drive letter for your network drive goes before this. i.e: if your network drive letter is 'H', then the path would be 'H:\hcs\import\fsc'. This is done in the FSC Windows program. From the main menu of FSC, click on 'Tools' and choose 'Setup'. On the next screen go to the 'Management System Exporter' tab. Next to the 'System:' field box, click on the down arrow, and choose 'Amsoft' (If your version of FSC does not show Amsoft as an option, choose 'Generic'.) In the 'Destination:' field, type in the path as explained above (if your drive letter is h - H:\hcs\import\fsc ). Click on 'Apply' and then 'Ok'. That should get you all set up and ready to go. If you have any other questions about how to set up Agency Management integration in FSC, you should contact them directly.
Once you have FSC set to integrate with Amsoft, you can complete a rate in FSC, and follow the FSC procedures for exporting a rate.
Then, in Amsoft, go to 'File' , choose 'Import/export', then 'Rating Companies' and choose 'FSC'. Choose either 'Vehicle' or 'Home' from the menu. This will open a browse box which should have the rate you quoted listed. Highlight the desired person, and click on 'Select'.
This will open a new screen displaying the Person's name as well as other information. At this point you will want to fill in any information for this policy which has not imported, such as company, MGA, producer. We have imported an account code based on the name, but you may need to change this. Make sure that this code is unique, and has not previously been used for this or any other client. Once this screen has the correct information, click on the 'Continue' button. This will bring up another screen which will tell you that the rate has been successfully imported. You can now click on 'Ok' and close out of this section, and go into 'Clients' from the main menu. You should now have your new client listed. If you do not see the client in the list, close the browse box, and re-open it.

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