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Letters from agents

A letter from Mark Nelson, CIC:

Years ago, I was faced with a dilemma.  I utilized an agency management system that was acquired by a competing company.  Out of the goodness of their heart, the new company offered to resell the product to me at an even higher price with no real enhancements.  I decided to scrap the old obsolete system and find a new system.  I sampled various products including DORIS, Agency One, Agency Manager, Smart Agent, Rackley System, and many more.  I settled first on Agency One.  

When the actual product came in far below expectations I was able to secure a refund.  I then purchased a program called Smart Agent out of desperation.  The system although better than Agency One was far from user friendly, but we had no other choice.  We fought with it for months only to throw it out in the garbage and write off the loss.  Back to square one, I read a tiny ad for a program called Amsoft.  I ordered a demo and found it easy to use ( but I found all demos easy to use).  Being completely lost for a management system under $20,000, I went ahead and ordered the software, after all, the price was very cheap and we had nothing to lose.  Upon receiving the software, we quickly installed the program and off we went.  

I never intended this to be our management system for the long haul, but rather a simple Band-Aid until a "real" management system came along.  That was seven years ago.

Not only are we still using Amsoft, but we have expanded it to our network, using the ACORD Forms, Receipting System, Policy Detail, File Notes, Transactional Filing, and on January 1st, 2000, we will discontinue all paper files and use the imaging option, recently added, combined with the transactional filing system.

I have seen the AMS, Applied, DORIS, Smart Agent, and Agency One systems, and none can come close to the power, simplicity, and performance of Amsoft for the small and medium sized agency.

It is inexpensive, simple to learn, use, and the support provided by Hoffman Computer Systems is far superior to anything I have seen.

I have been so enthused with this product, I have voluntarily offered my endorsement to this product and recommend it to anyone looking to automate their agency without having to sell their first born to do it.  This product is simple, stable, user friendly, safe, reliable and affordable.  If you have not seen this product, look at it.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

- Mark Nelson, CIC   
   Nelson Insurance Services          
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Thanks for you continued interest in making Amsoft an excellent tool for agencies such as mine.  Have a great day,

- Jerry L. Mathern

The description of the Hoffman System capabilities left out the most important feature and that is the ability for an agency to become paperless in a very efficient manner. This system, I believe, will stack up above any other agency management system on the market, bar none. Anyone that is not taking advantage of this part of the system sure should take a serious look at this very simple but thorough feature.

-AW Heider

I am very impressed with your software - it has helped my agency significantly. I don't know how I managed without this program, but I am really happy to have found this type of product for my business. Thank you very Much. 

- Paul Gonzales

Re:Scanning: I am really excited about this new software - thanks for developing it! 

- Ron Wooten

Just wanted to say that we love has been a great system to work with. It's very user friendly and easy to use and understand. The scanning is fantastic and is going very well. We are completely paperless at this point. Thank you for a great first year! 

- Lola Kirst

Amsoft's customer service department is truly helpful.  In this day and age of computers and voicemail, it's comforting to know that during business hours there is always a live person to speak to.  Wendy always helps us when we have a technical issue, and stays on the phone with us until the matter is resolved.  Being technically UNSAVVY, Amsoft is wonderful in keeping everything simple enough for even me to understand.  It is a pleasure having them as part of our agency management team.

-Ronnie Kaminitz
 Vice President
 HG Insurance Agency, Inc.
 Lynbrook, New York

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