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Increase Sales, reduce cancellations, make more money, and satisfy your customers...

Have you thought about accepting credit cards in your agency, but decided against it? Maybe you thought that it was too much of a hassle, or too expensive, or that it wouldn't really benefit your agency. We think that perhaps you should re-think that:

  • Times have become increasingly tough, and therefore consumers are no longer loaded with cash. Having the ability to accept credit cards to charge a policy premium could be a great marketing tool, and save some of those policies that walk back out the door.
  • Funds are available the next day... no waiting around for the check to clear.
  • Did you know that many agencies accepting credit cards as payment add the finance charge to the premium for this convenience? Even with the processing fee added to their own credit card interest, it would still be less expensive than financing the policy, in most cases. You can pass the additional cost on to your customer, and they might even thank you for it! (This is not a problem in most states, but you should check out your state laws before adding charges. )
  • With the integration of Amsoft and X-Charge, processing a payment is simple, fast and accurate.
  • Reduce cancellations due to non-payment: If you charge the entire premium to the card, the entire premium is paid for. Now that may seem like an overly simple comment, but if an insured stops paying payments on their policy, you have a ton of hassle, and cancellations. If they stop making payments on their credit card... they are still insured, and it is now the credit card companies issue to resolve... not yours!
  • Charges through X-Charge are made online, so no bulky machines taking up space, no running around the office trying to find it.
  • When you make a charge through Amsoft, the client's Amsoft Acount code is attached to the payment automatically, so checking on charges is simple.

To get started, or for more information, click on the X-Charge button below, or contact the X-Charge Represetative listed, and let him know that you are an Amsoft User.

You don't even have to be a User of Amsoft to be approved.


Ole B. Johannessen
X-Charge Specialist
Phone: 800-637-8268 ext.212
Fax: 702-446-8687



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