Backing up your data may be the most important part of using the software.  It is possible for your hard drive to crash or simply contaminate a file.  When this happens you could lose all the information you had entered into the computer.  The only way to avoid this is to make a backup of your data.  Your computer should have been supplied with a backup program.  If you do not have one, or would like one that is easier to use we can recommend a program for you.
To backup your data you need to make a backup of the directory called hcsdata.  Please back up all files in this directory.   Each backup program has its own way of backing up individual directories.  Please review your manual for instructions on backing up sub directories.  Please do not call us for instructions on how to use your backup program,  for we are only familiar with DataVault.
The cost of DataVault is $89.00.  The advantage of this is you can call for help in setting it up and restoring a file if necessary,

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