Main archive screen

Main archive screen

Click on Batch Delete files to see this screen.


Current data folder


            This is where Your current files are located.  You can clcik on the search button next to this field to change where your files are located.

3 D;\hcsdata2011
This is where you archived files will be copied to.  Amsoft will decide on the folder based on the current year. You can change this by clicking on the search button next to this field.

Create Archive button

4. Create Archive button
This will begin the archive.

Expiration data

5. Expiration data
This is the expiration date through which policies will be removed from the working copy of Amsoft.  It will be set for about 3 years.   You may change this.

Continue button

6. Continue button
Starts the archive process.

Batch delete code

You need to enter the code here.  The code is getridofoldrecords.  Enter this and press tab.  This will make the continue button active.

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